Lumin Consulting is powered by the tremendous engine that is the University of the West Indies,  an expansive Alumni, a vast Diaspora and the Caribbean community. As the commercial arm of the University of the West Indies, a global University with close to 70 years rooted in Caribbean development, and the challenges affecting developing nations, Lumin Consulting draws on this diverse expertise and offers research, strategy and enterprise development consulting services.

Our experience over the years affords us unique insights into the needs not just of the Caribbean region, but other regions around the world which face similar challenges. There is no one who understands how our development path has created our current trajectory and how we envision ourselves in the future better than we do.

Lumin is the gateway for SIDS and developing nations of the world to leverage world class developing country expertise to chart transformational paths. We understand and live developing country challenges every single day and so we have invested in the development of the intellectual capacity to design world class bespoke solutions – for us, by us.


We are powered by a commitment to development and are driven to effect change. We use our unique insights and innovative strategies to create transformative solutions that will make a positive global impact.

We strive to raise the level of global thought leadership as drivers of transformative solutions to challenges as we evolve and expand our commitment to sustained growth in the Caribbean, Pacific and developing regions of the world.