On November 23rd Lumin Consulting opens its doors with the promise of bringing new light to the development concerns of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and Small States across the globe. The launch marks the genesis of Lumin Consulting as a brand that clearly identifies as clean, professional and globally focused.

Though Lumin promises to shed new light, the company is not new to the industry. We sat down with the Executive Director of Lumin to talk about the company, its genesis and how they intend to drive development. Lumin Consulting, formerly UWI Consulting, brings to bear a significant resource network of which the University of the West Indies (UWI) and their industry partners across the globe play a significant part.

Executive Director Ms. Lisa Cummins spoke with pride about the team and the considerable contributions that their major partner UWI has made to the developmental successes that have charted the incarnation of Lumin Consulting.

“We have contributed in such a phenomenal way that I’m proud to be a member of this team… There is no implementation plan or action plan that is being implemented in the region that does not have research from the University of the West Indies in it, that does not have policy advice from the University of the West Indies in it, we are simply now putting all of that together in a very targeted and focused way under the umbrella of Lumin Consulting.”

As Lumin launches into its expanding mandate to take on the mutual growth concerns of SIDS and Small States around the World, Director Cummins spoke to the company’s strategic approach.

“We’ve gone through every single international development strategy for Small Island Developing States, Small States and developing countries” Cummins assures “We have identified the main priority areas for the development process” and that Lumin has focused these priorities into four areas of practice: Inclusive Growth which takes a development trajectory that is “multi-dimensional”; Technology and Innovation with an emphasis on entrepreneurship; Enterprise and Strategy to drive private sector growth and Sustainable Development and Climate Change. In every practice area Ms. Cummins assures that Lumin engages the best of our regional practitioners. Lumin Consulting was born out of a desire to broaden the spectrum of its primary focus of development, with its best resource being its people, derived from university alumni, professionals in the region and the Diaspora spread out across the globe.

Lumin is looking to the future and what future generations will say was Lumin’s deposit to the forward movement of SIDS and Small States. Lumin has been engineered to ensure that in each incarnation of their development goals that they have helped envision where SIDS and Small States should be next while mapping where they need to go now.

Simply put, the vision Executive Director, Ms. Lisa Cummins and the team have for Lumin Consulting is to catalyze transformation and leave an impact.